Harry R. Levin • DUI Lawyer

If you call me as soon as you have been arrested and processed, I can begin assessing your case immediately.  Do not assume that you have no legal recourse.  It may be possible to challenge the evidence against you.  For example, defects in the administration of a blood alcohol test are common.  But, it takes time to obtain this evidence, evaluate it, and perhaps forward it to an independent forensic expert for review.  In short, as lawyers like to say, “Time is of the essence,” meaning that the longer you delay in contacting me, the more difficult it becomes for me to protect your rights.         
With my help, if you are a first-time offender, you may qualify for a so-called Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (“ARD”).  Although the “ins and outs” of the ARD process may seem complicated, I am familiar with that program and can guide you through it.  The result of my efforts may not only include a favorable disposition, but the permanent elimination of any record of your case.

My fees are very reasonable.  We will have a written fee agreement to eliminate any possible misunderstandings.  Since the potential for financial losses because of a DUI conviction is significant, retaining an attorney is the best way for you to minimize or avoid long-term financial damage and criminal penalties.

Have questions about a possible DUI situation?

Please contact me. I'll typically reply in just hours.

You can always reach me direct at 215.546.8111.