When you need a family law attorney

Family law matters, especially divorce, can be both legally and personally challenging. Frustration and the sense of losing control can be debilitating.
There is no reason to endure any of these emotional challenges without the support of a lawyer who is both compassionate and skilled.

For more than two decades, I have been representing clients before courts in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

Prompt and personal attention is what sets me apart from other lawyers. The best results are achieved when information is candidly shared through a relationship of mutual trust.

When you hire me to represent you in a family law related matter, you can expect me, and only me, to meet with you in person and elicit all necessary facts in a sensitive, unhurried fashion, and then stand by you as the two of us work together to achieve an optimal resolution.

Have questions about a family law situation?

Please contact me. I'll typically reply in just hours.

You can always reach me direct at 215.546.8111.