Harry R. Levin • Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have recently suffered an injury from an accident, including physical or emotional harm, I can guide you through the complex process of seeking appropriate compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and current and future financial losses.  

I am an attorney with more than 20 years of experience successfully handling personal injury cases of all kinds.  

As your attorney, I will devote my time and energy to your case, beginning with our initial conference. I will work with you to make sure that you understand such issues as medical treatment, rehabilitation needs, the potential impact on your ability to work, and the effect of waiving future claims.  

I will answer any questions and explain all legal options in a forthright and realistic manner.  From the moment you call my office, we will work together until your case concludes.  No responsible, ethical attorney can promise that you will obtain a financial award as a result of an injury. 

What I can guarantee is that I will represent you to the best of my ability throughout your case. You will always have direct access to me when you call. I will not turn your case over to assistants or clerks who fail to return your calls or answer your questions.  When you choose me as your attorney, you will receive all the attention you deserve as well as the benefit of my years of experience.


Part of my obligation to you consists of explaining exactly how you will be charged for legal services rendered.  I handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. 

This kind of fee arrangement means that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by hiring me, because you pay me nothing if you are not successful.  If you decide to hire me as your legal representative, every aspect of our agreement regarding my fee will be set forth clearly in writing. 

Get Advice

Even if your injuries do not seem serious enough to justify hiring an attorney, or an insurance company has already contacted you to urge a quick settlement of your claims, I strongly encourage you to get legal advice before making any decisions.  If you are experiencing pain, confusion or financial tension as a result of your condition, you may feel compelled to try to resolve the situation yourself.

Please don't.

Often, the full extent of an injury, and the potential harm to your ability to work or resume regular activities, may not be immediately apparent.  Without legal advice, and the support of a strong legal advocate, you may not receive fair compensation even from your own insurer.  In reviewing your case, I can address potential issues with you to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. 

Timing is Critical

There are strict time limits for filing a claim or lawsuit against someone who has caused you harm.  Failure to meet these deadlines could deprive you of any chance to recover compensation.  Immediate legal advice is absolutely necessary if you are to make the right choices for yourself and your loved ones, and will help you avoid giving up important rights. 

If you retain me as your attorney, I will accord you the benefit of the same expertise, patience and compassion I have provided to hundreds of clients over the years. I will advocate for you in or out of court, with or without a jury.  Why miss the opportunity to obtain proper compensation for your injuries when information and guidance is only a telephone call away?

You have nothing to lose, and much to gain, by obtaining my prompt, realistic and understandable legal advice.  

Have questions about your personal injury situation?

Please contact me. I'll typically reply in just hours.

You can always reach me direct at 215.546.8111.